Cement mixer in trouble!The reversing at the gate of the industrial zone overwhelmed the two men.,Cause one death and one injury!

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(Original title:Cement mixer in trouble!The reversing at the gate of the industrial zone overwhelmed the two men.,Cause one death and one injury!)

Original:The first scene deep broadcasting first scene

16We reported a tragedy on the 7th

An earth-moving vehicle in aoxia village, liantang, Luohu

On the road to the community

Accidentally knocked down a woman

Which led to the tragic death of the woman on the spot.

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The lesson of blood is still in my ears.

A day later……

Door of guanlan street Huaxing Industrial Park, Longhua District

There was also a casualty accident.

The culprit is a cement mixer

The scene of the accident has been closed

The ground was still covered with blood.

On the morning of the incident11Half,Reporters Arrived at Buxin Road in guanlan street145Hua xing industrial park.Reporters found on-site observation,The water treatment project is being carried out here. Longhua District Water Affairs Bureau and Longhua District Construction Works Bureau are responsible for the construction of the project.The location of the casualty accident,Just in the construction enclosure area.

At the gate of Huaxing Industrial Park,The reporter saw one2About cubic meters of concrete pillars and railings at the entrance and exit of vehicles fell to the ground.And under the concrete pillars,And on the road next to it,The mottled blood was clearly visible.

At present, construction units have used simple fences.

Enclose the site

Accident caused

One Dead and One Injured

According to witnesses at the scene,On the afternoon of the day of the incident5Point20About,A cement mixer truck was reversing at the gate of Huaxing Industrial Park.,Collision with cement pillars and vehicle railings at entrances and exits,As a result, an enterprise employee was killed instantly.,A security guard was injured and hospitalized.The cement mixer that caused the accident,Construction Vehicle Belonging to Radical Reform Project.

Water department:

The accident could have been avoided.

After the accident,Fire department、Local police station、Longhua District Emergency Management Bureau、Longhua Water Affairs Bureau and other departments were present at the survey.,Data such as monitoring video are sealed up.

It is understood that,The results of accident investigation show that it was the driver of the cement mixer.,Back up in rainy days,Casualties caused by improper operation.

The casualty accident could have been avoided.,Because at 3: 00 p.m. on the day of the incident,The water department issued a yellow rainstorm warning.

For this casualty accident

At present, many departments are making further investigations.

First scene、Shenzhen Client Reporters:Zheng Zhiping

Edit:Silver surplus、Jia audit:Practise ambition widely

What more lessons can we learn to stop being careless!

Source of this article:The First Scene of Shenzhen Radio and Television Responsibility editor:Wang Xiaoyi_NE0011

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