British Media Reveals Shortage of Supplies Due to No Agreement to Leave Europe British officials denied it

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(Original title:British Media Reveals Shortage of Supplies Due to No Agreement to Leave Europe British officials denied it)

Chinanews.com8Month19Daily telegraph Comprehensive report,British media18An internal government document was released on the 1st,Said the authorities assessed that if there is no agreement to leave the EU,There will be a serious shortage of materials in Britain.British officials have come forward to deny it,The report was allegedly leaked by a former cabinet official.,The aim is to try to influence the negotiations between the British government and the EU.

Chaos or Persistence3A month Social material shortage

《Sunday Times》18Japan made public an internal report purportedly prepared by the Cabinet Office for a non-negotiated Brexit,It shows that the authorities have assessed that the British public and business sector are not ready to leave Europe without agreement.

source map:British Prime Minister Boris·Johnson.

Reports refer to,The report is code-named"Operation oriole"In the name of8Written earlier this month,belong to"Sensitive documents".

One of the focuses of the report is the Northern Ireland border issue.,Refers to the current government plan to avoid a full inspection of the Northern Ireland border."Not sustainable",It will eventually lead to a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.,This may trigger demonstrations、Protests such as blocking roads.

Logistics and trade,The report estimates that at present85%Trucks crossing the English Channel,Not Ready for French Customs Inspection,Major ports will experience significant operational delays for as long as3A month,After that, the logistics volume can only return to the current level.50%To70%.

energy、The supply of fresh food and drugs will also be affected.,Including London and southeast England,It is most likely that a stable energy supply will not be available.In addition, Britain has as many as3/4The drug was imported through the English Channel,The supply of drugs will thus be hit hard.;A decrease in the supply of fresh food will drive up prices.,Resulting in the social vulnerable groups being affected.Rising costs will impact social welfare services in the short term.,The impact will last until half a year after Brexit.

British officials refuted the report."alarmist talk"

British Energy Minister Kovaton(Kwasi Kwarteng)18When receiving media interviews on the 1st,Asked about the lack of agreement to leave Europe, as depicted in leaked government documents, could lead to shortages of supplies.,He said"alarmist talk"To refute.

Kovoten said:"I think many people are alarmist……10Month31Will we be fully prepared to leave Europe by agreement."

Gove, the minister in charge of coordinating Britain's preparations for a non-negotiated Brexit, is pushing for a close-up:"'Yellow oriole(Plan)'It is the worst case,In the past3Week(Government)Very important measures have been taken,To speed up Britain's preparation for leaving Europe."

GermanypredictJohnsonAt the end of the monthMajor announcement

British Prime Minister Johnson to8At the end of the month to France to attend the group of seven industrial countries(G7)Summit,It was his first appearance as prime minister in an international diplomatic occasion.

Johnson has not visited any European capitals since taking office.,It is seen as a sign of a tendency to leave Europe without agreement.,Germany《Business newspaper》Quoting German Finance Ministry Documents,It shows that Germany estimates Johnson will take advantage of the cooperation"Major announcement",For example, a breakthrough was made in the negotiation of the Brexit Agreement or the negotiation broke down.,As Johnson's tough stance on the Northern Ireland reserve plan is unlikely to soften,Therefore, Germany believes that the possibility of leaving Europe without agreement is extremely high.

Source of this article:China News Network Responsibility editor:Xing Haibo_NBJS8850

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