Building a Socialist Pilot Demonstration Zone Shenzhen Meets Historical Development Opportunity Again

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(Original title:The front page of Shanghai Stock Exchange:Shenzhen Welcome Historical Development Opportunity Again)

By the middle of this century,Shenzhen is standing in the forest of advanced cities in the world with a more high-spirited attitude.,Become competitive、Creativity、An influential global benchmark city.

Improving the Real Economic Capacity of Financial Services,Study and Perfect the Issue and Listing of Growth Enterprise Market、Refinancing and M&A System,Create Conditions to Promote Reform of Registration System.

Shenzhen to Build Advanced Demonstration Zone"Seize the Great Opportunity of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Gulf Area Construction".

18day,Xinhua News Agency Authorized to Release《the central committee of the communist party of china Opinions of the State Council on Supporting Shenzhen to Build a Leading Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics》(Hereinafter referred to as《Opinion》).

From Special Economic Zones to"Leading Demonstration Area of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics",Shenzhen, an Important Window of Reform and Opening up,In the new era has been given a new mission.

《Opinion》on7Month24Japan's Ninth Meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform.According to Shanghai News reporters,《Opinion》As mentioned in"Support Shenzhen to Carry out Comprehensive Reform Test of Regional State-owned Enterprises"Has landed a few days ago,The implementation plan approved at the second meeting of the State Council Leading Group on the Reform of State-owned Enterprises will be released as soon as the end of this month.,However, implementation plans in other fields are also being intensively studied and formulated.

The breadth and depth of the reform will surpass those of the past.

《Opinion》Five strategic orientations of Shenzhen in the new era are put forward.:High quality development highland、Demonstration of a City Ruled by Law、The Model of Urban Civilization、Benchmark for People's Livelihood Happiness、Pioneer of Sustainable Development,And put forward through the economy、Rule of law、Culture、People's livelihood、Ecological environment protection and other comprehensive deepening reforms,Building Shenzhen into a City Example of a Socialist Modernization Power.

Zhang Guangnan, Director of Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Regional Development Institute, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Development Institute, Sun Yat-sen University, said,With the construction of special economic zones to shoulder the economic field is given priority to"Exploring the Way for Reform"Different missions,Shenzhen to Build This Time"Pilot demonstration area",The target is"Socialism with Chinese characteristics"Grand framework,It shoulders the mission of building an example of a modern and powerful socialist city.,The reform will be all-round,But also to form"Reproducible、Can be popularized"The experience of the target,The breadth and depth of the reform will surpass those of the past.,A new wave of reforms will be launched in Shenzhen.

《Opinion》Put forward,Current,Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Enters a New Era,Support Shenzhen to Hold High the Banner of Reform and Opening up in the New Era、Building a Leading Demonstration Area of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics,Is conducive to a higher starting point、Higher level、Pushing Forward Reform and Opening-up on Higher Goals,The formation of a comprehensive deepening of reform、Expand the new pattern of opening up in an all-round way.;It is conducive to the better implementation of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Gulf region strategy.,Rich"One Country, Two Systems"New Practice of Career Development;It is conducive to taking the lead in exploring a new path to build a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way.,To provide strong support for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Lin Jiang, professor of economics at Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University, believes that,Shenzhen has rapidly grown into the most innovative city in China,It is highly consistent with the innovation-driven development strategy put forward by the state under the new situation.In addition,Shenzhen has made important contributions to the country's opening to the outside world.,In the future, it will also continue to enhance its position in the new pattern of full-scale opening up.

According to《Opinion》Set development goals,to2025Year,Shenzhen's Economic Strength、The quality of development ranks among the top cities in the world.,Intensity of research and development investment、Industrial innovation ability is first-class in the world.,Cultural soft power has been greatly improved,The level of public service and the quality of ecological environment have reached the international advanced level.,Build a modern, international and innovative city.to2035Year,Shenzhen Becomes National Model for High Quality Development,Urban Comprehensive Economic Competitiveness Leading in the World,Build a City of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Global Influence,Becomes Our Country to Build the Socialism Modernization Powerful Country the City Example.By the middle of this century,Shenzhen is standing in the forest of advanced cities in the world with a more high-spirited attitude.,Become competitive、Creativity、An influential global benchmark city.

Science and technology and finance will become the main focus of economic reforms.

Experts interviewed said,Although Shenzhen's construction of a leading demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics is an example of a city that has built a modern and powerful socialist country through all-round reforms.,But ."Take the lead in building a modern economic system that reflects the requirements of high-quality development."Put in the front,Among them,Science and technology and finance are also the main focus of economic reforms.

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