Burst!Fujian Heavy Truck Crashes Guardrail,Turn down the freeway!

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(Original title:Burst!Fujian Heavy Truck Crashes Guardrail,Turn down the freeway!)

This afternoon4Point10Divide around,There are many car friends to1007Platform explosion,Near the Chidian Toll Station of Shen Hai Expressway,A large truck turned downhill from the highway.,The traffic police have already dealt with it at the scene.Subsequently,Xiao Qixiansheng verified the accident from Quanzhou traffic police.It is reported that,8Month19Daily noon13Time or so,Shen Hai ExpresswayAway(Fuzhou to Xiamen)There was a traffic accident on the 18th wheel heavy truck at the ramp of Chidian toll station., Hit the highway guardrail,After the guardrail is damaged,The vehicle turned sideways to the village road outside the high-speed guardrail.(national highway),Fortunately, the driver was fine.(There was only one person in the car.).

After the accident,The high-speed traffic police immediately organized police to the scene for disposal.,First of all, one lane of Chidian ramp at the scene of the accident is controlled.(Leave a lane for traffic.),And arrange personnel to stay behind to warn,Ensure other vehicles can pass normally.;At the same time, the accident site of the township road under the slope will be controlled.,It is forbidden for irrelevant personnel to enter the site to affect obstacle clearance and rescue.Because vehicles are full of cucumber goods scattered more,After the high-speed traffic police contacted the cargo owner,Another transfer truck was arranged to arrive at the site for counting and loading.The accident is still under treatment.,The specific reason is still under further investigation.

In addition,The traffic police department stressed, At present, many people on the Internet have released some live videos.,But please don't speculate about the comments.At present, the scene of the accident is being cleaned up.,Traffic is not affected.,Please don't look around and take photos with friends of passing drivers and passengers.,Causing other secondary accidents.Summer、Driving in rainy season,Please pay attention to safe driving.

Source of this article:1007Fujian traffic broadcasting Responsibility editor:Wang Xiaoyi_NE0011

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